Premier Organics Reduces Stretch Wrap Usage Through Reusable Pallet Wrap Program

Premier Organics, maker of Artisana Organic Foods, has been approved for an innovative grant from in the amount of $3,000 to create and implement a reusable pallet wrapping program at its facilities in Oakland, CA. The grant and matching program is expected to reduce the use of plastic by 4,500 lbs each year.

envirowrapper,reusable pallet wrapper,stretch wrap elimination“Most consumers are unaware that although the products they purchased are packaged in glass, the product still may be using a lot of plastic in the supply chain each time it is wrapped, shipped and unwrapped. This can happen 3-5 times before a food product reaches the consumer.” says Jason Mahon, a co-founder of Premier Organic.

The reusable pallet program is aimed at reducing the internal usage of plastic films in warehousing and operations. Every product made at Premier Organics is put on hold and wrapped while outside food laboratories test the products to insure excellent food quality and safety. Replacing the single use stretch wrap to a multiple use wrapper is expected to reduce approximately 4,500 lbs of material annually or about 40% of our pallet wrap usage. “The food industry continues to use more and more films in their final packaging and consumers demand smaller packaging, we have an obligation to find solutions regarding easy to remove waste in our supply chain,” Jason said.

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