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Jason Mahon (left) of Premier Organics and Frank Gallucci (right) of Amici Enterprises, Inc.

Premier Organics will be conducting a three month study and will provide film usage data to Stopwaste and other distributors and warehouses in the bay area regarding the success of the program. The company is hopeful that after exhibiting a successful implementation, other key partners will want to participate to create alarger “closed-loop” that could include customers, farmers and supply chain. Some of Premier Organics’ farmers are already using reusable bulk totes for the transferring of products instead of boxes.

Reusable pallet wrapping has been pioneered by Frank Galluci, President of Amici Enterprises, Inc. in Calgary, Canada. The reusable “envirowrappers” can reduce waste and also lower the costs of damages in transit because they provide for a more secure wrapper. Envirowrappers can be made in customized sizes to fit specific needs including refrigerated products like ice cream. They are still made of plastic but can be used 250 times before they wear down. Each unit costs between $40 and $70 depending on the size, country of manufacture, and volume. The specific wrappers that were made for Premier Organics were manufactured in Canada. More information is available at

Premier Organics, is the maker of Artisana Foods. Headquartered in Oakland, CA, the company was founded in 2002 with devotion to sustainable living.  Premier Organics offers Artisana organic Raw & Sattvic foods and also supplies ingredients to other drink and food bar companies.  Premier Organics’ facilities are free of peanuts, gluten, and soy and are operated under strict food safety protocols that are certified by AIB.  All products are certified organic by QAI and Kosher by KSA.  Products are available throughout the United States, Canada and Internationally. Visit or call 510 639-5576 for more product and company information.

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