Recently Awarded Government Contract And Website Launch For Precision Pallets & Lumber Company

With the completion of the process associated with obtaining a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Contract, Precision Pallets is now a certified GSA contractor. Excited about this opportunity to broaden its clientele, Precision Pallets co-founder Tim Whetsell said, “This contract registration with GSA is very important to Precision Pallets because it will allow us to bid on government contracts that other manufacturers cannot and should lead to many new orders.” Holding this contract will hopefully advance business for Precision Pallets, which unfortunately has not been impervious to the effects of underperforming national economic trends for most small businesses.

Being granted a GSA contract is not an easy task for most small businesses to take on, but for Whetsell and Precision Pallets the potential benefits made the necessary investment of time and money seem worthwhile. Whetsell is optimistic about the expected returns from the process of acquiring the contract, saying he is “certain the contract will increase business as soon as they learn the ropes.”

Further highlighting Precision Pallets business is the debut of The new page consists of a simple layout that is easy to navigate. It contains a brief history of the homegrown American business, photos and a standard order form that can be printed and faxed in for a swift turnaround. Due to the exceedingly wide variety of product specifications the order form is very broad, enabling customers to custom spec their orders, of course there is an advantage to knowing the requirements your product demands prior to ordering.

Specializing in the manufacture of superior wooden pallets, Precision Pallets is also capable of producing high quality crates and boxes. Quality is upheld through various industry standards. The company holds many industry certifications and registrations and is on the leading edge of wooden pallet technology. Custom orders can be shipped directly from the state of the art manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.

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