PPS lightweight export plastic pallets are flying high

Taking the lead in adopting forthcoming EU legislation, Iceland is one of the first countries to introduce scanning of all air cargo for metal detection, which eventually will be rolled out across Europe. As a result, Grimsby based PPS East was challenged to provide a lightweight plastic pallet that would successfully transport fish boxes and other products through metal detectors. The increased purchase cost of the plastic pallet had to be offset against reduced airfreight costs, as the new pallets are lighter than wood.

Kate Williamson of PPS East reported, “The introduction of the new scanning procedure had obvious impact on industries transporting product on wood pallets constructed with metal fasteners, nails, screws, etc. as this could result in double handling. At airports, products would have to be removed from wood pallets for individual scanning, then reloaded and secured.

Our Icelandic agent, IceBox Company ehf, who supply the fishing and seafood processing companies with returnable plastic fish boxes responded to the markets needs by contacting PPS to source and provide a lightweight, cost effective solution.”

After much research and testing, PPS identified a lightweight open deck plastic pallet that was competitive and met the criteria for transporting air cargo in Iceland. The new durable export plastic pallet will successfully pass through metal detection scanners and can be used as one trip or reusable pallets in a ‘closed loop’ supply.

The pallet is also nestable so space saving and offers many more advantages over the wood pallet. It is lighter in weight with no reduction in load capability, offers greater environmental compatibility and is exempt from ISPM 15 and IPPC regulations enforced on wood packaging used in international shipments.

Kate commented on the markets reaction to the new product, “The introduction of PPS’s lightweight export pallet in Iceland has been a great success and we have already supplied quite a few container loads to meet the fishing and processing market requirements. But there is a wide variety of applications for this pallet and not just in Iceland, as this range of lightweight pallets is becoming a popular choice for air freighting products into many countries…”

For further information about the PPS lightweight export plastic pallet range contact Tel: 01472 245554 or visit its website – www.ppsequipment.co.uk

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