PPS Equipment Repairs Plastic Pallet Boxes for U.K. Battery Recycler

Fuller Recycling, a leading battery recycler, has recently appointed PPS Midlands to repair their fleet of plastic pallet boxes. With new boxes over £100 each, the company was looking for a more cost effective solution than simply scrapping damaged units and purchasing new ones.

battery recycling containers

Source: International Lead Association

In the course of its business, Fuller Recycling consolidates used batteries before shipment to continental Europe for final recycling. This is done using plastic pallet boxes which must be in good condition to prevent leakage from batteries. “Fuller Recycling ships out used batteries to Europe for final recycling and obviously can’t afford that fluids escape from the pallet box during transit,” said Paul Mountney of PPS. “Our welding team carry out the repairs and check the pallet box thoroughly before returning it to Fuller Recycling. We can’t always save a damaged box but we have worked with Fuller Recycling to help extend the life cycle of the majority of their pallet box fleet”.

PPS will repair cracked panels, replace runners and effect other cosmetic or structural damage wherever possible. For more information, visit www.ppsequipment.co.uk.

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