PPS East Moves into Returnable Packaging for All Food Production Businesses

PPS is a U.K. returnable packaging rental company that works with businesses to reduce their single trip packaging. They have two box and crate washing sites, one in the Midlands and another in Lincolnshire, and have worked with food manufacturing companies for over 10 years. Many companies are now looking in-depth at reducing their costs, waste and carbon footprint, and with PPS’s experience in crate pooling, whole supply chains can be converted to reusable options.

This roll out to the whole of the food industry opens the doors for the Lincolnshire region, meaning businesses will now have a BRC accredited state-of-the-art industrial wash facility which has the ability to clean their plastic containers, tubs, boxes, and pallets.

Speaking on behalf of PPS, Kate Williamson reports, “There is a growing trend from many UK & European food processors to seriously investigate alternatives to single trip packaging. Retailers are now looking at waste in their whole supply chain, and the best option from both a cost and an environmental perspective is to change to a returnable packaging solution. As part of this initiative we are also providing our returnable equipment to the bulk food suppliers to ensure that the cost saving and environmental impact comes into play at the very start of the supply chain.

Our experience over the years is that on more than 90% of the projects on which we work, the returnable packaging option is a more cost effective solution than existing single trip packaging.”

PPS East have always provided a strong partnership to the fish processing sector in the Humber region; and this high level of service to all existing fish customers will continue, plus an introduction of new services to all other food manufacturing companies.

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