Pooling Partners Introduces New Universal WEEE Box: Four Waste Streams, One Solution

The new Universal WEEE Box: a compliant, safe, uncomplicated and cost-saving solution to the packaging of ADR WEEE, Flat Panel Displays, old-style Cathode Ray Tubes and Photovoltaic modules.

Until now, it has been common to see four different packaging solutions each with their own specific management requirements. Naturally, if four different waste streams require four different receptacles that means four times the likelihood of a problem with availability, repair, collection, training, and safety.

The Universal WEEE box enables a standard box for all four WEEE streams which makes storage, transport and handling more efficient. Boxes for all streams can be stacked together and logistics operations combined and simplified. The number of spare boxes needed for emergencies is also reduced by four, resulting in reduced inventories and the cost-reduction that comes with it.

The modular nature of the box means that the same packaging material can make boxes of 1, 1.5, 2 or 2.5 cubic meters matching the requirement of the waste stream and of the collection infrastructure. Moreover, if one wall is damaged, only that wall needs to be returned for repair.

Dan Cronin, European BDM for the company, explained that 100% wooden boxes are the worldwide standard for collecting and transporting fruit and vegetables as they are light, providing easier handling and increased payloads, while also protecting the contents from bruising. “Of course, the WEEE sector is more demanding on packaging than the farming sector but 100% plastic or metal boxes are either too heavy, too difficult to repair or too desirable to thieves to leave unmanaged overnight. The hybrid specification of the Universal Box has innumerable advantages summed up by the metal parts making it extremely strong, the plastic panels meeting the regulatory needs of ADR and PV waste streams, and the wooden components making it light and easy to repair.”

Safety and ease of use, which go hand in hand for WEEE packaging, are indeed the driving forces of this new design. Loading of heavy CRTs or PV modules is made easy as the front side can be fully opened to walk into the box. Green plastic panels reduce the chance of the PV modules being dangerously charged by sunlight and of WEEE containing lithium batteries falling out the box. Mechanical rotation using a box tipper or fork-lift truck with a suitable rotator attachment is another welcome feature to smoothly unload onto a conveyor belt.

As with all Pooling Partners products, pay only for the days the boxes are needed. Any surplus or broken boxes our customers have can be returned without any additional charge in full alignment with the key principles of the Circular Economy.