Polymer Logistics: Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

plJust in case you were wondering about Polymer Logistics and its role in the reusable packaging sector, here is a recently provided list of FAQ from this innovative provider of retail ready packaging products and services.

Who is Polymer Logistics?

Polymer Logistics is a leading provider of One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) solutions to retailers worldwide since 1994. The company goes to market with both a product and solution approach enhanced by invaluable input from its pool operations. This multi-faceted combination continues to feed innovation, resulting in well-designed, robust, and long-lasting products. With the freedom to mix and match from among comprehensive logistics services and retail-ready display products, clients are able to select the optimal combination for their unique business needs.

What is Retail Ready Packaging?

Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP) means one solution for transport and display inside the store. Plastic crates, pallets, boxes and drums require less replenishment and in-store labor.

What are Polymer Logistics’ product solutions?

For the last twenty years, Polymer Logistics has worked to create an extensive portfolio of multipurpose, one-touch, returnable RRP options to meet the full range of clients’ needs. Eco-friendly RPCs, bins, crates, dollies and pallets

– widely used and highly appreciated in the food industry

– are equally valued by the postal service, pharmaceutical, clothing and other various packaged
goods manufacturers and suppliers.

Easy to assemble and maneuver, the extremely durable yet light-weight RRP products help simplify storage, shipping and retailing logistics for food, packaged, and other goods. Designed to nest, fold, stack and collapse, the products minimize storage and transport costs. Polymer has many options to meet clients’ most pressing needs: locking sides, a pop-up rim system, multiple color options including the new “crystal clear” line, and “dynamic” bins with a rising floor. The newest solution is the Wood-Look Returnable Plastic Crate. The world’s first foldable, simulated wood crate features a fresh look and feel, while offering all the advantages of RPC, including a revolutionary “active-lock” mechanism.

What is Polymer Logistics’ service solution?

A successful service cycle means that crates move from supplier, to distributor, to retail, and on to maintenance in preparation for a new cycle without incident. That success depends upon the quality, efficiency and timing of each type of service at each stage. Polymer Logistics provides its customers with the option of customizing service solution offerings of pooling, tracking, cleaning, and maintenance to meet their specific, and often unique needs throughout the full product cycle.

What is Polymer Logistics’ approach to the logistics cycle?

A streamlined supply chain is a significant competitive advantage. Polymer Logistics uses a holistic approach to the logistics cycle. It allows for seamless transitions that are characterized by efficiency, ease and simplicity. A sophisticated tracking system facilitates the ability to make replenishment decisions in real time. This prevents costly delays by getting product where it needs to be – on time. Performing these critical support functions effectively for customers leaves them free to focus on their core business.

How does Polymer Logistics’ product line adhere to sustainability?

Polymer Logistics and its customers are conscientious about the environment and are taking real measures to help create the most productive and sustainable supply chain. When examining environmental issues, all industries face three main criteria:

Reducing Waste: Various packaging solutions are made of durable, long lasting plastic materials which provide an alternative to highly waste-producing materials. In addition, RRP reduces the rate of product damage throughout the supply chain and is 100% recyclable.
Conserving Energy: By deploying reusables, less energy is needed to manufacture packaging. For example, the average life cycle of Polymer Logistics’ plastic crate stands at around 10 years; therefore the energy required for recycling is substantially reduced.
Conserving Natural Resources: By choosing reusable plastic packaging, the need to harvest the world’s natural resources is diminished considerably. Consequently, fewer trees need to be cut down to produce common packaging materials such as wood and cardboard.

How can retailers and manufacturers benefit from the products and services of
Polymer Logistics?

Retailers and manufacturers can benefit by obtaining world-class plastic container and pallet pooling services along with cost-effective logistics solutions and maximum in-store product availability. The product line offers substantial costs benefits and are more environmentally friendly than traditional one-way transit packaging.

Who are some of your customers?

Walmart, Tesco, H-E-B, Delhaize, Aldi, 7-Eleven, Carrefour, Sainsbury’s, Coca-Cola, Danone, Gerber, Kraft, and others.

What industry recognition has Polymer Logistics received?

Most recently Polymer Logistics’ Wood-Look Returnable Plastic Crate was selected as one of the finalists for the United Fresh Produce Association’s 2014 New Product Awards. Previously the company received the MacFrut Oscar Award in the Packaging and Packaging Materials category for its Dynamic Shipper bin, which features a rising floor.

Source: www.polymerlogistics.com

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