Polymer Logistics to Launch Two New Wash and Distribution Facilities in the U.S.

Polymer Logistics, the developer of the wood grain reusable plastic container (RPC), is opening a wash and distribution center in Northern Illinois as well one in Coastal Georgia to meet customer demand for its crates and other transport packaging assets. The new locations, which are expected to be fully operational in the 3rd quarter of 2016, will join the three existing Polymer Logistics facilities in Salinas and Riverside, Calif. and San Antonio to form a true continent-wide network of service centers. Each of the new service centers is expected to create more than 100 jobs.

Tony Mosco

Tony Mosco

“With the continued Walmart roll-out of our new wood grain RPCs in 2016, Polymer Logistics is expanding the number and geographic reach of our wash and distribution facilities to meet increased demand for our products. This shows our continued commitment to providing outstanding customer service,” said Tony Mosco, North American Vice President of Sales at Polymer Logistics.

The new wash lines, manufactured by Bruel Systems of Denmark, use a spin-dry mechanism that delivers superior results in the drying of washed crates. Additionally, the wash capacity of each line is about 5,000 RPCs per hour, yielding quicker throughput while ensuring hygiene.

“The multimillion dollar investment by Polymer Logistics on the new Bruel machines will provide state-of-the-art tunnel washers that have advanced drying and collapsing capabilities, as well as the latest safety features for customers and employees. They will make sure our new wood grain RPCs and all of our other products are free from any contaminants before they are sent to growers,” said Danny Bartal, Chief Operating Officer, Polymer Logistics USA.

Polymer Logistics recently announced that it had begun shipping wood grain RPCs to fresh produce suppliers. Three leading produce companies, Grimmway Enterprises, Inc., Pure Hothouse Foods, Inc. and Calavo Growers, Inc., shipped the first truckloads of product in new wood grain reusable plastic containers (RPCs) from Polymer Logistics to Walmart distribution centers in January. Classic Yam was also supporting the initiative by being the first sweet potato grower to ship in wood grain containers.

Polymer Logistics’ extensive range of returnable transport, storage and display products includes collapsible bins, folding, nesting and stackable crates, together with reusable dollies and pallets. These offer substantial costs benefits, are more environmentally friendly than traditional one-way transit packaging, and are robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands of retail supply chain logistics for many years. Polymer Logistics’ most recent innovation is the wood grain RPC, which brings an upscale look to stores and drives sales and shopper engagement. More information is available at www.polymerlogistics.com.

Source: Polymer Logistics