Roundup: Plasgad, HOREN PLASTICS and Polymer Logistics

 Plasgad Launches the New and Advanced 110-Plus Pallet 

lightweight plastic pallet from Plasgad

At just 5.7 kg, optimized for air freight


The new 110-Plus Pallet is the latest model to join Plasgad’s extensive range of lightweight and cost-effective, nestable pallets. Designed for heavy loads, the durable 110-Plus Pallet can be used for multiple tasks spanning agriculture to food industry applications.

Iftah Poran, VP R&D, explained the adaptability of the 110-Plus: “In intensive environments light and nestable plastic pallets deliver a versatile and reliable business advantage. Our recently launched latest version offers diverse benefits over other wood or light plastic pallets. The new 110-Plus meets custom aviation safety requirements and is fully optimized to fit air pallets. The innovative leg-structure design enables better support of goods, with increased resistance. There is also the option to add skid function.”

The 110-Plus Pallet’s lightweight structure measures 1,200 mm (L) x 1,000 mm (W) x 132 mm (H) and weighs just 5.7 kg.  For a nestable pallet of this size, the 110-Plus is extremely robust, accommodating loads of 1,800 kg when static or 1000 kg when dynamic.

Leveraging the full benefit of plastic means the 110-Plus Pallet can be easily washed when required to remove any dirt. Additionally, there are no concerns regarding contaminants, which can often get trapped in the crevasses of wooden pallets. This clear hygienic advantage makes nestable plastic pallets particularly desirable for food and pharmaceutical applications.

The 110 Plus Pallet is available in recycled or virgin material form and at the end of its working life it remains fully recyclable.

HOREN PLASTICS Appoints John A Wissing

Shanghai – HOREN PLASTICS LTD, a global supplier of returnable transit packaging (RTP) systems has appointed John A Wissing as Director of Business Development USA. He will operate from HOREN’s U.S. office and will report directly to Global Business Development President, Martin Thornhill. His duties commenced July 1, 2016, with responsibility for HOREN’s business development activity in the U.S., including the establishment of sales teams in the Americas. 

John was previously Sales Manager of Grayling Industries where he was responsible for the U.S. region. He has over 14 years of combined experience and responsibility in sales, account management, marketing and business development. He is known for his customer focus, understanding of customer issues and delivering solutions that help the customer achieve its business objectives.

‘We have found that innovation for bulk liquid packaging has been slow to develop in the USA,” states Jacky Liao, CEO of Horen Plastics.

“The companies in this specialist field are not investing enough in understanding customer needs and technical developments to change this situation. Horen’s innovative design and technical solutions in liquid IBCs have many significant cost and operational benefits over competing products. It is a big opportunity for Horen.

“We are delighted to have someone with Johns, expertise and specialist technical knowledge in the bulk liquid packaging solutions to join Horen to help establish, develop and expand our business in the USA and provide our customers with ‘best in class’ liquid packaging solutions.


Polymer Logistics is a Top Green Provider

Food Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, has named Polymer Logistics as a Top Green Provider for 2016.

“Our team is grateful to be named one of Food Logistics’ Top Green Providers for 2016. We work hard every day to reduce our carbon footprint and provide our customers and partners with product offerings that preserve the environment,” said Gideon Feiner, CEO of Polymer Logistics.

Food Logistics’ annual Top Green Providers list recognizes companies whose products, services, or exemplary leadership is enhancing sustainability within the food and beverage industry. The list offers logistics professionals a guide to the providers, manufacturers, and software and technology companies that have found new ways to promote sustainability throughout their operations and those of their customers.

“The 2016 Top Green Providers reached a new record high for applicants and recipients, confirming the importance of sustainability in the global food and beverage supply chain,” said Lara L. Sowinski, Editorial Director, Supply Chain Network, AC Business Media.

“Our industry’s continued focus on environmental stewardship and the role that growers, manufacturers, logistics companies, retailers and others play is driving heightened awareness and actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously boosting cost and energy efficiencies.”

Source: Polymer Logistics