pointGUARD Offers Product Protection, Pallet Durability – Visit at PACK EXPO

United Pal­let Ser­vices, Inc (UPSI),  the sales and mar­ket­ing arm behind the newly patented point­GUARD Pal­let Pro­tec­tor, will be pre­sent­ing a new line of prod­ucts at PACK EXPO Las Vegas this year.  Call­ing it the CP Line, these four new prod­ucts will be a one stop solu­tion for com­pa­nies cur­rently using the stan­dard size 48”x40” wooden pal­lets in their dis­tri­b­u­tion cen­ter or ware­house, but are hav­ing issues with fork­lift induced pal­let dam­age. “We have been and will con­tinue to offer our pro­tec­tive plas­tic attach­ments as a sep­a­rate and stand­alone prod­uct, how­ever will now be offer­ing the com­plete pack­age,” says Callen Cochran, Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Man­ager for The point­GUARD Pal­let Pro­tec­tor.  “We are real­iz­ing that some cus­tomers don’t want the has­sle of pur­chas­ing our device, ship­ping it to their pal­let provider and then hav­ing to have it installed on their pal­lets.  They can order the pal­let with The point­GUARD Pro­tec­tor installed and have it shipped directly to their facil­ity for imme­di­ate use.”

The point­GUARD itself is a one-piece, recy­cled plas­tic shield that was cre­ated to reduce costly pal­let repair by defend­ing a pal­let from fork­lift dam­age at high impact areas.  Its inno­v­a­tive design is unlike any­thing cur­rently available.Wooden pal­lets, the sta­ple of the indus­try for decades are con­sid­ered by many to be sus­tain­able, eco­nom­i­cal, and easy to source.  The down­side, how­ever, is they are prone to con­sid­er­able dam­age from fork­lifts.  Once a pal­let is dam­aged, it can cause prod­uct dam­age dur­ing tran­sit as well.  Plas­tic pal­lets offer bet­ter pro­tec­tion to these areas, but are far more expen­sive.  The point­GUARD plas­tic pal­let pro­tec­tor uti­lizes the great­est ben­e­fits of both, the dura­bil­ity of plas­tic but with a price point more towards the cost of a wood pal­let.

“It’s best suited for closed loop or cap­tive pal­let envi­ron­ments,” says Wayne Ran­dall, pres­i­dent of United Pal­let Ser­vices, Inc. He goes on to say that “The point­GUARD was devel­oped in response to a prob­lem that plagued one our largest customers…product dam­age. This agri­cul­tural com­pany in Cal­i­for­nia loses $10-$15 mil­lion per year in prod­uct loss caused by dam­aged pal­lets.”  He believes strongly that “a com­pany that is con­cerned with the bot­tom line will see imme­di­ate finan­cial results with less pal­let repair, less prod­uct dam­age, and a great reduc­tion in wood chips or debris break­ing away from a wood pal­let all the while using a hybrid wood/plastic sus­tain­able product.”UPSI con­tracted with the Cen­ter for Pack­ag­ing and Unit Load Design at Vir­ginia Tech Uni­ver­sity to facil­i­tate a Life Cycle Test, which mea­sured the real world impact of pal­lets using The point­GUARD in a ware­house envi­ron­ment.  These pal­lets out­lasted those that were unpro­tected by 5-times (unpro­tected pal­lets lasted 11.3 cycles before fail­ure and pro­tected pal­lets lasted an aston­ish­ing 58.9 cycles).

Application of the durable polypropylene pointGUARD system adds just 5.6 lbs for 48×40″ stringer pallets (LX40S), and 6.6 lbs for comparable block pallets (LX40B). In comparing the performance of the pointGUARD versus other options such as steel pallet end plates, Callen stresses that in addition to protecting the end of the stringer or block, the pointGUARD is protecting the top lead board from being pulled up or breaking.  “By doing this, it keeps the product from damage,” he notes.  “The product sitting on the edge of a pallet is especially vulnerable.  The pointGUARD will spread the pressure of the forklift over more area.”

According to Callen, some of the companies already seeing benefits from the pointGUARD includea rackable in house stringer pallet for storage of computer processing chips, a stackable in house pallet for storage of boxes of cocoa butter, and for a custom 50” stringer pallet for a closed loop float that stores tomato and peach can brites (cans yet to be labeled).  “The latter is solely for the purpose of keeping the cans from getting dented during transit around the distribution center,” he explains.

The point­GUARD Pal­let Pro­tec­tion Sys­tems, a mem­ber of the Reusable Pack­ag­ing Asso­ci­a­tion, will be located in the RPA Pavil­ion on the Lower South Hall of the Las Vegas Con­ven­tion Cen­ter. They will be show­cas­ing all four CP pal­let prod­ucts, the CP4840S, CP4840B, CP4840S-4WAY and the CP4840B-PLY. “PACK EXPO vis­i­tors can take a look at these prod­ucts, deter­mine if it will be a good fit for them, and if so, can put in an order for direct ship­ment to their facil­ity,” says Dar­rell Rober­son, Vice Pres­i­dent of Sales. They also will have the LX40S and LX40B, the attach­ments designed for a 40” open­ing on a stringer and block pal­let on dis­play as well.

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