Point of Sale: Quarter Pallet Lifters Help Answer the “How” Question for Safe Handling

Quarter pallet lifter helps take the injury risk out of physically moving quarter pallet displays.

LogiQ 440Quarter pallet displays have become an increasingly important piece of the strategic landscape of floor ready, point of sale retail solutions. But don’t forget about those legions of warehousemen and store clerks who do the bull work. Have you ever tried to move one on or off a large pallet?

For a skilled operator with the right lift truck, it is no big deal, but for a large swath of the distribution workforce, the right truck at the right time often is not an option, and that leads to some heavy lifting, pulling and pushing, along with the greater risk of injuries and WCB claims.

So why not a quarter pallet lifter?

”The quarter pallet lifters are a perfect addition to our current product range – and to our present customer groups”, says Jesper L Jorgensen, VP of Sales of Interthor. “Quarter pallets are often chosen for the commonly used display pallets, and our new lifters are therefore perfect when transporting quarter pallets in e.g. supermarkets, storage and packing areas, and gas stations.”

Interthor offers two models. The LogiQ 440 is designed for lifting and moving quarter pallets up to 440 lbs. to the location of display. The other model, the LogiQ 660, is designed for lifting quarter pallets up to 660 lbs. from/to a pallet as well as moving them to the requested location in the retail outlet. According to Interthor, the lifters are very maneuverable, and have ergonomically correct gripping angles. The wheels ensure a comfortable and noiseless transport – and are gentle to the fine floor and flagstone layer in the customer areas.

Quarter pallet display examples, sourced at Pinterest.

Quarter pallet display examples, sourced at Pinterest.

“We presented LogiQ 660 as nEW product on our stand at the CeMAT exhibition in Germany in May 2014 – and our visitors showed us very clearly that the new lifters are “missing” in the market. And this has been confirmed several times since the tradeshow,” says Jorgensen. “We are happy that we are now ready to present these unique lifters in the US!”

Look for the LogiQ lifters at ProMat 2015. Interthor is located at booth #3088.

For more information on LogiQ, visit www.interthor.com.

Source: Interthor