PluSolutions Goes on the Road to Explain Its Collaborative Pallet Pooling Initiative

Interested in finding out more about the new collaborative pallet initiative?

PluSolutions is continuing its U.S. pallet informational tour with upcoming presentations in a number of cities, including Atlanta GA (October 25), Allentown PA (October 26), Chicago IL (October 27), San Francisco CA (November 1), Los Angeles CA (November 2), and Dallas (November 3).

At this meeting, attendees will get an answer to five important questions:

1. How does this program work?
2. How is the quality controlled?
3. Where does my company fit in?
4. How do we pay for the pallets?
5. How do we get the pallets back?

Many of us believe this is an important initiative for our industry, stresses the PluSolutions group. They encourage industry participants to take some time out of their busy schedules to join the group and to find out how to contribute and participate.

RSVP respectfully requested. For more information, contact one of:

Steve Mazza – Bett-A-Way Pallet Systems

Ph. 732.208.7120 email:
Bob Wenner – Pallet Service Corp
Ph. 763.391.4770 ext:110 email:
John Swenby – Paltech Enterprises
Ph. 630 327 0737 email:

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