Pluscrates Enters Retail Reusable Crate Rental Sector

Having gained an excellent reputation for the provision of reusable crate rental services in the commercial relocation sector since its formation in 2008, Pluscrates now now provides reusable packaging rental to the U.K. retail market .

The move follows an increase in demand by retailers for environmentally friendly re-useable packaging systems – Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) – in preference to traditional one-trip consumable alternatives. The durable die-cast crates offer retailers greater stock security, increased protection in transit and eliminate disposal costs.

Pluscrates’ range comprises lidded containers/totes with the popular 600mm x 400mm footprint with capacity options of 54 and 64 litres. Standard 80 litre lidded containers used in the company’s core commercial relocation business are now also available to retail customers.

Pluscrates’ Managing Director John Mitchell said, “We’ve built up a large rental asset pool of crates during the last few years and we are now in an excellent position to grow the business within the retail sector. For example, we’ve released more than 100,000 totes to cater for the short-term spike in activity during the Christmas period and we are ready to respond to retailers’ demands during other peak trading periods.”

Pluscrates has depots in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Livingstone.

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