Plastic Theft Task Force Discovers $2 Million Worth of Stolen Pallets

Authorities have discovered more than $2 million worth of stolen plastic pallets in a Compton California warehouse. Along with the stolen pallets, the Sheriff’s Industrial Plastic Theft Task Force found 500 marijuana plants worth about $120,000 on the street.

Four men were arrested as a result, on suspicion of possession of stolen property, cultivation of marijuana, illegal possession of trademarked plastic products and theft of electricity. The four men were being held in lieu of $20,000 bail each.

The discovery was made during a compliance check at a commercial building. One official said that they are more likely to perform compliance checks, especially if they have information about noncompliance.

The owner-marked plastic pallets were described as the type typically used to transport beverages such as soda or milk. In May, the Task Force discovered $1.3 million in stolen plastic pallets at a plastic recycler location.

Pallet and container theft is a nagging problem that is aided by enforcement efforts such as this. Additionally, businesses should take steps where prudent to prevent pallet theft.

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Source: Whittier Daily News

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