Plastic Reusable Pallet Maker Cashes in on Repeat Business

New orders from existing relationships have filled up a plastic pallet producer’s order book.

Greystone Logistics Inc. GLGI +9.52% , a leading producer of 100% recycled plastic pallets and reprocessed resins, announced that the company had received purchase orders for over $750,000 through existing relationships with four distributors that will create a backlog of orders to fill capacity through the calendar year end.

“The new orders are in addition to the previously announced $1.2 million of our IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) pallet,” Company CEO Warren Kruger stated. “Two purchase orders in excess of $250,000 came in from a large pharmaceutical company and a separate from a leading distributor for our mid duty product. Our nestable pallet garnered another 17,000 units and our heavy duty Greystone rackable pallet made up the balance of the four purchase order transactions. These orders plus continued production of our plastic keg pallet and case goods pallet for MillerCoors will keep us at full capacity through year end. To ensure continued on time delivery for our customers we will increase pallet production capacity by 40% in the next 60-90 days as one of our injection lines acquired last year is put in service and we replace a worn barrel and screw on one of our slower producing machines.”

Kruger continued, “I anticipate another fine quarter for our November month end and these new orders will ensure a great start to our third quarter in traditionally slower December thru February.”


  1. I think that plastic pallets are definitely the way forward. Uptake seems slow in the UK.

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