Plastic Pallets Provide an Enduringly Smooth Experience for Premium Whiskey Distiller

Plastic pallets from help optimize logistics for the Edrington Group.


Old Grouse,plastic pallet,whiskey pallet

plastic pallet, Old Grouse, whiskey pallet

Plastic pallet features anti-slip strips

It’s one of the world’s favorite food exports and it’s important to keep the whisky flowing at all times.

As the US writer, Mark Twain said: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.”

That’s why The Edrington Group, the international premium spirits company, approached when it needed help with its logistics in 2012 – and the solution is still working five years later.

“We can package and ship approximately 5 million cases of whisky a year at this site that’s why it’s essential we work with the very best logistics partners,” said Chris Hendry, Procurement Manager at Edrington.

“The pallets and solution we were supplied by Goplasticpallets have been fantastic and offer so many improvements over wood, durability being just one of the benefits. We’re over the moon with their performance,” Hendry said of the closed loop pallet system.

“We offer in excess of 155 different pallets and pallet boxes – the country’s largest selection, with many items available direct from stock – and we work in all sectors from manufacturing to food and drink production,” said Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of “We’re not at all surprised that the solution we provided to Edrington is still working and still proving it’s worth some five years later,  and we’re sure the solution will still be performing to its utmost in another five years’ time.” recommended a switch from wooden to plastic pallets for a durable and cost-effective solution capable of withstanding the tough manufacturing environment, which involves a high level of automation – essential since each pallet can carry £60,000 worth of spirits.

Edrington ordered 1,400 of the company’s APB 1210 Pool Perforated 5R pallets in black. It also requested the removal of the lips to prevent damaging the cases and inner gift cartons, which often overhang the edge of the pallets. Anti-slip strips were added as a necessity to protect the fragile cargo, from the bottling line to the container.

Edrington also requested that sequentially number each of the 1,400 pallets for internal auditing purposes and brand ‘TEG’ (The Edrington Group) for easy in-house identification.

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