Plastic Pallets: Axios Mobile Assets Corp. Announces FDA Compliance

Axios Mobile Assets Corporation (CNSX: AXA) has announced achieving FDA compliance for its proprietary bio-based trackable pallet and software technology. The solutions meet FDA standards for CFR 21 part 11 compliance based on the pallet’s material composition, in accordance to the U.S. Federal Code of Regulation.

“FDA compliance represents another critical step for Axios as we prepare to enter production of our next generation, bio-based pallet technology, bundled with our cross-platform tracking and information system,” said Richard MacDonald, president and CEO of Axios.

The Axios bio-based solution offers an opportunity to integrate the company’s web-based software platform and RFID-enabled pallet to enable tracking customer products through the entire supply chain, from production to retailer. Additionally, Axios’ integrated pallet solution is suitable for a variety of industries, but has added advantages based on its trackability; including risk management, preventing counterfeiting, loss and tracing pallet loads in food/beverage, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and other premium goods markets.

Specifically, Axios notes that pharmaceutical and life sciences companies face increasing pressure to ensure integrity in the supply chain, manage compliance, improve quality control and safeguard against counterfeit products and contamination.

“We see substantial growth opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry,” said MacDonald. “We’ve raised the bar with our design and materials, and see significant opportunities in helping companies monitor their shipments while providing a safe, clean solution to the logistics supply chain.”

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