Plastic Modular Belting Provides Improved Load Stability on Conveyor

New conveyor dramatically improves stack stability, moves loads up to 1,000kg.

Heavy duty modular flat belt transports stacked corrugated cardboardAstec Conveyors has designed and manufactured a further heavy duty modular flat belt conveyor system for a leading corrugated cardboard manufacturer capable of moving stacks of corrugated cardboard weighing up to 1,000kg each.

Plastic modular belting was chosen an alternative to conventional roller conveyor and delivers solid support for transportation, dramatically improving stack stability.

The heavy duty conveyor side frames may be constructed from powder coated mild steel or stainless steel to suit the environment to give a solid and robust structure. The frame is designed with a very low profile to ensure that the height of the conveyor was compatible with an existing trolley car and downstream equipment.

To aid in identifying when the conveyor is moving, the heavy duty modular belt is blue with yellow inserts on the edge. The conveyor is powered by a eared motor unit with inverter control to ensure a smooth movement of loads is achieved and significantly decreases stack distortion, which sometimes occurs when conveying narrow stacks over roller conveyor.

Astec Conveyors can provide bespoke design, manufacture and installation of a range of conveyor systems to meet individual handling requirements for light, medium or heavy duty applications. For further information, visit