Plastic Labeling Technology Leader Focused On Six Sigma

Mold In Graphic Systems® Aiming Higher

Clarkdale, AZ: The leadership team at Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS) has placed the company on a maturity path with Six Sigma intent. In April, the organization updated its Quality Program and spent the following month creating an updated Quality Manual. Already known for its commitment to excellence in roto mold labeling technology worldwide since 1983, including label innovations for injection molders from its sister company, Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation, adoption of the Six Sigma thinking and goal setting is primarily intended to provide MIGS customers the best possible product quality.

Marty Mares, CEO of Mold In Graphic Systems states, “Our Mold In Graphics®, Mold On Graphics®, Surface Enhancer® product line and our team, have been providing quality for customers worldwide for over 35 years and we’re not about to let up. Recent customer growth and expanse into new plastics industries have concluded that we must avoid any bottlenecks that arise in our proprietary processing and our mindsets.”

The Six Sigma certification program is a detailed top-down journey that aims to help individuals and teams learn how to identify existing wastes and inefficient processes within a company, and work cohesively as a team to remove or reduce those wastes to achieve a standard of 3.4 defects per million or better. The Six Sigma improvement process has a historical basis for promoting/building/ successful companies, originating from Motorola’s Bill Smith and Bob Galvin, and also adopted by other companies such as, Toyota, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Boeing and many others.

“Although we are not fully certified in Six Sigma, MIGS® and Polyfuze teams have implemented company-wide Six Sigma protocols, many of which are already resulting in high-quality standards and efficient processes that are evident in company products and services. We expect major growth in the next few years and beyond. Six Sigma processing has helped us identify and remove bottlenecks, improve our company goals and plans for the future, and set us apart to standout in quality for our customers and for ourselves. Changing an already great company to something amazing with constant improvement is a must for us, and we invite our connections to incorporate the same outlook,” states Mares.

“This move to implement Six Sigma practices was initiated by company ownership but it has the support of every employee on our team. Everyone here is passionate about quality in the work they do. With more than 35 years in business, product innovation, quality servic, and strong team culture remain the focal points of MIGS and PGC, so the company is optimistic about its future successes.”

  • Mold in Graphic Systems® (MIGS) is located in Northern Arizona and has served the roto-mold industry since 1983 with a complete line of products for the graphic treatment and surface enhancement of olefin plastics.
  • Polyfuze Graphics® (PGC) is the sister company to MIGS, and offers an equally unique plastic decorating technology that was developed especially for injection molded products.   
  • MIGS and PGC products offer the world’s only technology that fuses with olefin plastics on a sub-surface level. This allows the graphic treatment to literally expand & contract with the product and provide unsurpassed durability.   

Contact Mold In Graphic Systems to learn more at or Or call (928) 634-8838.

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