Plastic Boxes: The Case for Returnable Packaging

Each year the UK produces around 10 million tonnes of waste packaging. Approximately 83% is sent to landfill sites, which leach poisonous gases and chemicals into the ground and atmosphere. 9% is incinerated, releasing concentrated doses of carbon dioxide into the air. This contributes to global warming, which is changing the world’s climate. Just 8% of waste packaging is recycled. These alarming figures are at the centre of growing environmental concerns.

The Packaging Waste Directive aims to manage packaging waste in the EU and tackle its impact on the environment. Amended in 2004, it sets strict packaging recovery and recycling targets for UK businesses. The simplest way to comply with this legislation is to avoid packaging waste in the first place, rather than dispose of it later. This makes returnable packaging an environmentally friendly, cost effective choice.

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