Plasgad launches a mini pallet with enormous functionality – the Semi-Pallet

This fresh new pallet is well suited for a wide range of industries

semi pallet (2)


Plasgad is proud to announce the latest addition to its wide range of products and solutions, the Plasgad new “Semi-Pallet.” The decision to launch the Semi-Pallet came following repeated customer requests that raised the need for a small and functional plastic pallet. Plasgad’s answer is the “Semi-Pallet” – a mini pallet with enormous functionality, well suited for a wide range of industries.

Following extensive market research, the Plasgad R&D team came up with an optimal solution – one with uncompromising strength to weight ratio.

The Plasgad Semi-Pallet is especially lightweight yet with a very sturdy leg support structure, designed for reusability in mind. The pallet has 3 security sets: full, partial or none. It was designed to meet the new aviation safety requirements and comes with a control feature that enables the concealment of the holes on the leg structure of the pallet. Plasgad Semi Pallet is well suited to a wide range of industries, such as electronics, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food manufacturing and more.

“We started the mass production of this new product,” Plasgad states. “You are invited to try it.”

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Source: Plasgad