Plasgad Introduces New Lightweight Plastic Pallets in Euro and North American Sizes



Plasgad has recently launched two plastic pallets, the 1200×800 mm 805plus and 48×40-inch (1219×1016 mm) 107. These two new models expand the company’s lightweight pallets range. The development of the two offerings was driven by Plasgad’s interest in providing customers a choice from a full selection of solutions to best meet their material handling needs – all under the trusted Plasgad brand.

The new pallets are exceptionally lightweight, far exceeding standard resistance, with improved stacking performance, and offering valuable great storage savings, according to the company. The 805plus weighs just 10.1 lbs, and the 107 tips the scales at 11 lbs. 

“In an intensive working environment, light and easily stacked plastic pallets provide a significant business advantage,” stated Ido Shifroni, VP International Sales at Plasgad, elaborating on the development process and the pallets unique capabilities.

“The 805plus offers numerous advantages over wood pallets or other lightweight plastic pallets,” Shifroni continued. “At Plasgad, we have intensively researched the challenges our customers face and based on this information we have invested significant efforts in developing a suitable solution to these challenges that is both strong and efficient. As for the 107 pallet, it provides an optimal solution for the American market, with innovative design and uncompromising capabilities placing the focus primarily on American exporters.”

Both pallets include a special accessory that allows easy shrink binding, thus ensuring improved commodity support. In addition, the pallets can be ordered with a close deck, as well as the option to add skids.

805Plus pallet specifications

  • dimensions: 1200X800X130 mm
  • weight: 4.6 kg/10.1 lb.
  • load capacity:  1,500 kg/3,300 lb. in static mode and 800 kg/1,750 lb. in dynamic mode.

107 pallet specifications

  • dimensions are 1219X1016X130 mm/48X40X5.1 lb.
  • weight: 5 kg/11 lb.
  • load capacity: 1,500 kg/3,300 lb. in static mode and 750 kg/1,650 lb. in dynamic mode.

The pallets carry all the advantages of plastic packaging solutions- they can be easily cleaned without fear of pest penetration. This important hygienic advantage is significant for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Both pallets, the 805plus and 107, are available in either virgin or recycled material and can be recycled at the end of their service life.