Plasgad Announces New Products in Conjunction With Fachpack 2016

SavethedateTaking place in Nuremberg, Germany, FachPack represents a key exhibition in the world of packaging. Visitors to the Plasgad booth (718, Hall 7) can expect to see some exciting new solutions as well as an exclusive preview into upcoming innovations. 1,565 exhibitors and more than 43,000 visitors were recorded in 2015, confirming that FachPack is one of the leading trade fairs in Europe for packaging.

Carsten van Nistelrooy, Plasgad’s Country Manager in Germany recently made these comments regarding the company’s product line as well as the upcoming exhibition:

FachPack has been known over the years as a local show. How do you explain the transformation from a local display into an international exhibition that attracts visitors from all around the world?

I don’t know a better place to experience everything related to packaging under one roof: From innovative new packaging solutions to the latest technologies in logistic processes. If you are familiar with the food or agriculture section, automotive or pharmacy, if you are looking for the most recent packaging trends and solutions, you can find it all at the Fachpack in Nuremberg.

With all of today’s technology and the greater ease of doing business across borders, the world is increasingly internationalized. That means you have to think and plan globally. This has also impacted Fachpack, giving the exhibition a more international focus and outlook.

But it is also about the unique mood and atmosphere in Nuremberg, an international hub where you can exchange your experiences with people from all over the world. Networking is ever more important and Nuremberg, situated in the middle of Europe, is an excellent place to establish global connections!

You have been familiar with plastic packaging solutions for many years, which of Plasgad’s solutions would you define as a “Best Seller”?

The big news is in the pallets field. We’re launching two new pallets. The Distribution Pallet whose competes “head to head” with multi-use wood pallets, allowing easy cleaning and multiple additional benefits such as easy and cost-effective transportation of goods. The Neptune Pallet providing maximum efficiency at a minimal cost, easily reinforced for “tax rounds” and optimized for the refrigerated room, preventing adherence for ice-conforming foods.

There are many highly attractive products in the Plasgads portfolio, but if I had to highlight just some, then I would choose the new Magnum Pro and indeed the PG foldable crates.

The Foldable Crates series will be demonstrated in five sizes. Advanced open/close locking mechanism for safer and more efficient working procedures, complemented by cross-stacking and most importantly, a high nesting ratio. By maximizing storage space, Plasgad’s Foldable Crates enable suppliers to navigate local and international borders with timely and fresh deliveries.

Plasgad visitors will also be able to experience the much-anticipated new Magnum Series now carrying an improved anti-theft locking mechanism for increased strength and security. The nestable model reduces freight costs and storage requirements.

These two products offer both in their characteristics and quality something special. It is not easy to create an offering which combines everything: quality, functionality, and durability.

In your opinion, what is the added value of Plasgad compared to other companies in the field of packaging solutions, transport, and storage?

Plasgad is a veteran in the field, having been a producer of plastic products covering nearly every industry, channel, and usage for about 35 years. The company has a lot of experience in material handling and in creating durable and flexible packaging solutions. But the particular point is that with all this experience and leveraging 35 years experience, Plasgad is still a very flexible, dynamic and hungry company with a lot of young and fresh faces who want to contribute their efforts and unique skill-set. So our customers can not only benefit from our experience, but also from our passion in developing new solutions. I guess this combination is what drives Plasgad forward and makes the company so unique. I am happy to be part of it!

FachPack 2016 will take place from the 27th to 29th of September at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany. Plasgad can be found at Booth 718, Hall 7.

Source: Plasgad