Kennedy Group Expands their Offering of Rack Placard Label Holders for Pallet and Flow Racks

The Kennedy Group is pleased to announce innovations in rack placard label holders for labeling and relabeling pallet and flow racks, with the introduction of  an industrial freezer grade rack placard, as well as a variety of colors for warehouse facelifts and cover-up needs or color coding identification.  The Kennedy Group effectively delivered the solution demanded for rigorous conditions and specialized customer needs. These latest additions expand its material handling identification portfolio of its flagship Placard label holders for warehouse racks.

The challenge of adhering label holder placards on very cold surfaces and environments is now solved.  Development of the new industrial freezer rack placard was driven by requests for a more rigorous performing adhesive that would bond at 0oF freezing temperature application conditions.  This new industrial freezer grade adhesive formula has an aggressive initial tack at freezing conditions and maintains this bond during use ranging from -40oF to +250oF service temperature and is designed to withstand indoor and outdoor environments, particularly low temperature conditions and low minimum application temperatures.  The product also features a good resistance to water and humidity, making the industrial freezer grade rack placard an ideal solution for cold environments or freezer applications such as: situations encountered in freezer storage conditions at food processing or health and science, some industrial laboratory cold storage facilities, and outdoor storage exposed to weathering and the elements.  This advancement in freezing point application temperature complements rack placards in the freezer grade product line.

The Kennedy Group’s versatile rack placard is available in a variety of colors to help mask the nicks and scuff marks from prior label scraping and damage by forklifts to create a neat and clean appearance.  For some facilities, the colored rack placards can be easily used to give tired infrastructures a fresh facelift without the hassle of painting.  Other facilities are taking a cover-up approach and gaining the advantage of reducing or eliminating intensive labor as an effort to scrape off permanently bonded pressure sensitive labels that are difficult to remove.  Covering the rack up with placards that match the rack paint gets rid of the messy or chaotic appearance.

Many warehouses are applying color coding systems to help with logistic layouts and operations flow.  Scholastic Book Fairs, a book publisher with multiple warehouses uses the rack placard as a color coding system to identify storage of their product.  “Our warehouse places new labels on the racking twice a year to let packers know how many items go in a container”, comments Ann Grote, Regional Operations Administrative Assistant.  “With the placard system in place we are able to remove the old labels and put up a new one on without leaving behind a mess. Since our areas are color coded using the colored placards to match the packing area, the placard gives a more professional look to our racking.”

The rack placard system features a pressure sensitive adhesive that affixes to the rack and act as a label holder. A variable information label identifying the contents on the rack is placed on the placard; when the content on the rack changes, the label can easily be removed, and a new label identifying the new contents can be adhered. The system prevents mislabeled and misidentified racks, while keeping racks neat and clean in appearance.

The rack placard label holder offers flexibility for labels to be placed anywhere on the rack, rather than one specific area.  It provides a vehicle for bar coding and prevents the loss of magnets, hang tags, plastic envelopes and other less secure methods of identification. The system also provides a cost effective alternative to magnets, plastic envelopes and sleeves.

Rack placards are available in rolls of standard widths of 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″, and a standard length of 100 feet, and will accept most standard label adhesives.  The placard material can be cut to any length, to fit various rack sizes, and can be affixed to a variety of surface materials.

With applications in a wide range of industries including automotive, general manufacturing, grocery distribution, logistics, chemical, pharmaceutical, paints and coatings, the rack placard system reduces labor costs, enhances productivity, and creates a neater facility appearance.

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