PIMS New Name a PLUS: Pallet Logistics and Unit-load Solutions, Inc.

PIMS, the collaborative pallet management initiative launched by members of the pallet industry in the United States, has announced its new name – Pallet Logistics and Unit-load Solutions, Inc.

PLUS The concept behind PLUS is based on a collaborative effort between pallet producers and recyclers, product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, working together to provide a low cost pallet solution for the entire supply chain while ensuring the delivery of exceptional pallet quality, performance, and durability. After initially analyzing several other pallet pools, PLUS took the best aspects from iGPS, CHEP, PECO, CPC and EPAL. From that a model was created for a national industry-wide pallet pool system operated by a network of independent wood packaging companies working together rather than a single company.

PLUS Concept in a Nutshell:

  • PLUS is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop, administer, educate, support and market the PLUS program for the industry.
  • PLUS facilitates the system that allows participating companies to make money
  • PLUS participants cooperate to form a closed loop national network
  • PLUS high-quality block pallets are shipped to buyers from either new pallet manufacturers or recyclers
  • Recyclers facilitate recovery of PLUS pallets and repair those pallets to a pool standard
  • The PLUS non-profit logistics center tracks pallet movement through the system to identify problem areas concerning loss and breakage
  • Third-party inspection services assure the pallets are built and repaired to the pool standard

PLUS is open to any pallet supplier willing to comply with program standards as established by the Board of Directors. It is a free market system. Participating pallet buyers can purchase from any PIMS provider they wish – looking for the consistent high-quality PIMS pallet at the best price and finest service.

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