PIMS Calls on Pallet Shippers to Contact Costco to Ensure Acceptance of PIMS Pallets

As previously reported at www.packagingrevolution.net, Costco’s new Structural Packaging Specifications  require Costco suppliers to use one of three pallet rental companies or purpose-built wood block pallets that have been pre-approved by Costco. The pallet specification move is reportedly being driven by material handling equipment requirements.

According to a news dispatch from PIMS, a solution for meeting not only the Costco requirements, but many other changing supply chain demands, is the Pallet Industry Management System – PIMS – a high quality block pallet managed by independent wood packaging companies collaborating through a national cooperative coalition.

PIMS is calling upon Costco trading partners to make contact and let them know they support the PIMS program concept and want another pallet option. PIMS has posted a sample letter that can be posted onto customer letterhead and sent to Sherri Porter, Structural Packaging Manager at Costco corporate headquarters.


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