Pharma Cold Chain Reusables: Active CC Boxes Opens European Depot

Active CC Boxes has opened a cold chain depot near Frankfurt, Germany to handle its Kodiak™ reusable shipping containers, thus significantly reducing the cost of transportation for reusable containers.

Mainzer Kühlhaus- und Transportgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and Active CC Boxes, LLC have entered into an agreement under which Mainzer Kühlhaus und Transportgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG will act as the European depot for Active CC Boxes, LLC.

Active CC Boxes operates a cold chain depot system for handling its Kodiak™ reusable shipping containers that are used for shipping temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and biotech products through the cold chain. Active established a depot in North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA in 2009 and since that time has operated this depot from which it ships containers to many international locations including The People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ireland, and Germany among other locations.

Before the establishment of the depot at Kuhlhaus Mainzer, all of the containers were returned to the New Jersey depot. However, with the opening of the European depot, the reusable cold chain containers shipped from the United States to Europe will be returned to the depot at Kuhlhaus Mainzer. This will save customers significant return logistics costs.

The European depot will now allow European companies to use the Kodiak™ cold chain containers to ship from Europe to the United States without having to pay to return the containers to Europe. This will open up a totally new, lower cost option for European companies to ship temperature sensitive products to the USA. The European depot will also make containers available for cold chain shipping from Europe to the Middle East, Western Russia, and Africa. Containers shipped to these locations will be returned to the European depot.

Active CC Boxes plans to open additional cold chain depots to extend the system to satisfy the demands for high traffic shipping lanes.

The Kodiak™ container is a rugged, reusable, sustainable shipping container that provides superior temperature control for up to five days (120 hours). It is a sustainable package since it is used many times and does not contribute to the growth of landfills, which is a problem with most one way shipping packages.

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