PGS Opens New Pallet Manufacturing Facility in Spain

PGS logo 2Leading French-Belgian wooden pallet company PGS Group (Pallet Management Services) has continued its expansion into Spain, with the opening of PGBS Mediterraneo, a new pallet production unit based in Vila Real.

The unit will be based 50 km North of Valencia and close to the AP7 motorway, which serves the north-south axis of the Mediterranean coast and is easily accessible from Madrid.

The move comes a year after PGS took a 20 per cent stake in Spain’s largest wooden pallet wood sawmill, Maderas Jose Saiz, situated in the north west of Cantabria. It was carried out through its subsidiary, Aquitaine, Beynel with the assistance of Maderas Jose Saiz. It will guarantee supplies of timber PGBS Mediterraneo manufacturing; hence the name Palettes Gestion Beynel Saiz (PGBS).

“In Spain, the names Saiz and Beynel are historically known for their industrial customers, service and quality,” explains Teresa Guerreiro, Director General of Beynel. Opening this new facility is a positive new step for the PGS Group, which is aiming to become a leader in the business on the Iberian Peninsula.

“PGBS Mediterraneo strengthens our position in the east of Spain for the benefit of our Spanish customers,” says Michael Modugno, Vice President of PGS Group. “The new venture also allows us to meet the needs of our European customers in Spain.”  Mr Modugno, who is is responsible for international development, elaborated: “This facility near the port of Valencia will also export products to North Africa, mainly into Morocco, where the group established a presence in April 2014”.

The company has installed “Corali” line manufacturing in its covered warehouse of 6,000 m² at Vila Real, giving a starting production capacity of one million new pallets a year. This adds to the two million pallet capacity at Maderas Jose Saiz, located near Santander in San Vicente de Toranzo, the result of a newly installed second “Cape” production line. It gives PGS a total Spanish capacity of three million pallets a year.

“Spain is a major growth driver and strategic territory for PGS, and the new PGBS production site at Vila Real is just the first of a series of ventures,” states Jean-Louis Louvel, Founding President of PGS Group. “We are currently looking into further site openings, to provide us with coverage for the whole of Spain, and further production lines will soon significantly increase our capabilities further.”