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Perfect Pallets provides a pallet pooling service to the printing industry in the United States and Canada. It supplies reusable plastic pallets to bulk printers utilized for delivery of advertising inserts to saround 1,200 newspapers in the United States and Canada. It also operates a fleet of Perfect Pallet 30 trucks.

The trucking division has terminals in Indianapolis, Dixon, Tennessee, and Chandler, Arizona, It operates as a for-hire carrier serving the Midwest, however its main function is to transport its plastic pallets between bulk printing houses and their customers, pick up empty pallets, and handle backhaul loads. The company coordinates 70 licensed carriers to ensure pickup and return of used pallets to designated printers for reuse.

Perfect Pallets, Inc. was founded in 1992 in Indianapolis, Indiana , to service printers, newspapers and advertisers with returnable plastic pallets. Over the last decade, Perfect Pallets, Inc. has developed 4P (Perfect Pallet Packaging Program) to benefit its customers both environmentally and economically. Today, Perfect Pallets, Inc. is the North American leader in providing plastic returnable pallets to commercial printers for the delivery of advertising inserts and various supplements to newspapers. As a national program, 4P provides service to printers and newspapers all across the United States from coast-to-coast.

Perfect Pallets employs a tracking system to manage its assets.

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Perfect Pallets Inc.
1865 Lakeshore Road West
Unit 12, Suite 200
Mississauga, ON
Toll Free Phone: 1-888-270-0790
Toll Free Fax: 1-888-309-9578

Perfect Pallets Inc.
Perfect Transportation LLC.
450 West 16th Place
Indianapolis, IN
Toll Free Phone: 1-888-553-5559
Fax: 1-317-924-5309

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