Pelican BioThermal Announces Crēdo TM Cargo Temperature-Controlled Bulk Shipper, Expanded Manufacturing

New temperature-controlled bulk shipper offers performance and reliability for pharmaceutical manufacturing and life sciences

Pelican BioThermal, a leading provider of a broad range innovative range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, has announced its advanced new passive pallet shipper system, Crēdo TM Cargo, is now available to buy and rent for the first time.

The new reusable and reliable bulk shipper utilizes phase change material (PCM) coolants, incorporates an innovative slot-in system mechanism designed for rapid loading and unloading, and has a duration in excess of five days. Designed specifically to accept a full ISO pallet, the Crēdo Cargo is helping to revolutionize the temperature-controlled bulk shipper market.

“We are delighted to introduce this revolutionary and pioneering passive temperature-controlled bulk shipper that will transform and change cold chain bulk shipments for the pharmaceutical manufacturing and life sciences industries,” said David Williams, president of Pelican BioThermal. “The Crēdo Cargo is a pallet accepting shipper, so it’s load and go of the payload from a client’s temperature controlled warehouse into the protection of the Crēdo Cargo and safe transit on to the final destination.”

With a volume of 1900L and covering temperature ranges +2C to +8C, +15C to +25C and -20C, Crēdo Cargo sets new standards in the global, bulk shipper market.

The key benefits of the Crēdo Cargo include:

●Innovative reusable pallet shipper utilizing PCM coolants

●Consistent temperature stability in excess of 120 hours

●Performance tested to ISTA 7D

●1903 liter capacity and pallet accepting design

●Easy to load PCM coolant panels incorporating patent-pending slot in “lock and load” panel design make conditioning easy

●270 degrees single door access for ease of loading and unloading

●Lightweight and impact resistant design to withstand the rigors of global logistics applications

●Designed to be flat packed either for storage or for empty returns to base

●Integral viewing windows to monitor/observe condition of VIP panels

●Quick and easy assembly

The final production version will be unveiled at the 16th Annual Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe event taking place January 30 – February 2 in London, UK and is now available to rent through Crēdo™ on Demand which offers a high performance, flexible, rental program for temperature-controlled pallet shippers, with global reach.

Capacity Expansion

In other news, Pelican BioThermal also announced a production capacity increase. Expanded manufacturing capabilities at the Plymouth, Minn. location will support production of single-use temperature-controlled shippers, including CoolPall™ Vertos, Chronos™ Advance, and Chronos™ Express shippers, and all components such as outer corrugate, insulating foam and coolant BRICs, in the U.S. The same designs and machinery previously used exclusively in the United Kingdom, will also be used at the Plymouth facility, providing global uniformity of shippers delivered, regardless of production source.

The expansion will create an eight percent growth in manufacturing personnel by the end of 2016. Furthermore, the addition represents a significant investment in machinery and equipment, as well as an addition of more than 14,000 square feet – an increase of 20 percent production and warehouse space.

“Adding single-use shipper production in the U.S. maximizes our flexibility in meeting our customers’ diverse needs,” said Pelican BioThermal President, David Williams. “As our business continues to develop globally with new offices and service centers around the world, we are equally excited to bring additional manufacturing capabilities to Pelican BioThermal’s headquarters in Plymouth.”

Source: Pelican BioThermal