PECO Pallets Now Accepted by Canada’s Largest Grocery Retailer

PECO Pallet, Inc.reports that its distinctive red pallets are being accepted across Canada by the Loblaw Companies Limited. Loblaws is the country’s largest retailer, selling through over 1,000 retail locations across Canada and serving over 14 million customers each week.

“Loblaw Companies has a long history as one of Canada’s leading retailers, and PECO Pallet is proud to partner with such a great organization,” says  Adrian Potgieter, PECO Pallets Senior Vice President of Sales.

“We have earned Loblaws endorsement by consistently delivering high quality pallets that meet or exceed their new pallet requirements,” he continues. “As PECO continues to expand our North American service network, we are working closely with renters, distributors, and retailers to ensure a smooth transition at all Loblaws locations.”

PECO Pallet rents red block-style wood pallets to leading grocery and consumer goods manufacturers, who palletize their products on them for shipment to various retail locations and distribution centers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. After being emptied, the pallets are then returned to a PECO depot, where they are inspected, cleaned, and repaired as needed before being reissued.

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