PECO Pallet Named Exclusive Pooled Pallet Supplier for Boboli International

Boboli International LLC announced that it will ship its specialty frozen pastry products exclusively on PECO Pallets to retailers and participating foodservice distributors throughout the United States.

Boboli International LLC manufactures and markets sweet and savory frozen baked goods, including frozen cream puffs, éclairs, pastry assortments and specialty breads. PECO Pallet will be the sole pallet rental company providing shipping platforms to the company’s headquarters in Stockton, California.

Paul Goldberg, President of Boboli International LLC, explained that his company chose PECO Pallet over the competition based on a number of factors. “We share PECO Pallet’s focus on quality,” said Goldberg, “and we were impressed by PECO’s rigorous maintenance and inspection program to ensure that pallets are free from contamination.” Goldberg added, “We also appreciate the way PECO Pallet keeps things simple and felt they offered the best overall value in rental pallets.”

PECO Pallet’s CEO, David Lee, is enthusiastic about the new relationship. “We are proud to partner with Boboli International, a well-respected company in both the U.S. and Europe. We look forward to providing them with the best quality pallets and service in the industry, and hope to continue to expand our business with Boboli International and its distributors.”

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