PECO Pallet Approved by Walmart Canada, GEFCO Wins Reusables Contract with Jaguar Land Rover

New contract adds to Gefco’s 6.4 million container GefBoxSystem solution, PECO Pallet Now Shipping to Walmart Stores in Canada

GefcoGEFCO will be providing a reusable packaging solution to Jaguar Land Rover Limited under the terms of a new contract to support the company’s part production system.  Spanning UK and international markets, GEFCO states that the contract will run for a number of years. GEFCO will be managing the supply of large Magnum Optimum intermediate bulk containers which it describes as advanced packaging units developed with GEFCO in conjunction with a leading packaging manufacturer.

Adding to the existing pool of 6.4 million container units managed by GEFCO’s GefBoxSystem solution, the program will offer a range of environmental and operational efficiencies in the Jaguar Land Rover Limited supply chain, including reducing the amount of cardboard used as well as allowing for improved reverse logistics.

Included in the comprehensive asset management service, GEFCO provides an International and UK based asset audit management team, who provide expertise and local support to all parts suppliers. Real time visibility of packaging stock within supplier and JLR production plants is ensured by GEFCO’s unique NetBox3 system

“We are delighted to be afforded this exciting opportunity to build on our relationship with Jaguar Land Rover Limited, and to achieve further growth and development of our GefBox solution, which is already used by 1,500 manufacturers across 22 international markets,” comments Philippe Doyer, GEFCO’s Director for Warehousing and Reusable Packaging.

PECO Pallets Approved for Delivery to Walmart Canada Stores

Vendors now have the option of utilizing PECO Pallet rental block pallets for shipment to Walmart Canada locations, according to PECO Pal­let, Inc.

Wal­mart maintains an expanding chain of 390 stores in Canada, serv­ing more than 1.2 mil­lion cus­tomers each day with a staff numbering greater than 95,000 associates. Meanwhile, Wal­mart Canada’s  online platform,, is vis­ited by 300,000 cus­tomers each day.  One of Canada’s top 210 most influential brands, Wal­mart Canada is also one of Canada’s largest employ­ers.

peco block“We are very pleased that Wal­mart Canada has approved PECO Pal­let as a pal­let par­tic­i­pant, and we look for­ward to pro­vid­ing a level of qual­ity and ser­vice that align with Walmart’s high stan­dards,” says  Adrian Pot­gi­eter, PECO Pallet’s Senior Vice Pres­i­dent of Sales. “As PECO con­tin­ues to expand our North Amer­i­can ser­vice net­work, we will con­tinue work­ing closely with renters, dis­trib­u­tors, and retail­ers to ensure a smooth tran­sition to all Walmart Canada locations.”

PECO’s red wood block pal­lets are utilied by lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers to ship grocery and fast moving consumer prod­ucts to distribution centers and various retail formats through­out the U.S., Canada, and Mex­ico. After being emptied, PECO pallets are returned to a PECO depot, for inspection, as well as cleaning or repair as necessary, prior to reissue.


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