Paylode® Cargo Protection Systems Announces New Hire

Paylode® Cargo Protection Systems, a manufacturer of 100-percent recycled, reusable dunnage for truck, rail and intermodal cargo, announces the addition of Brad Sir as business development manager.

In this role, Sir’s primary responsibility is expanding the Paylode business portfolio in the U.S. mountain and western regions by introducing potential customers to Paylode’s sustainable damage protection products.

“I’m proud to be working for a company that is not only helping companies across the country protect their products and reduce damages, but also one that is a good environmental steward,” says Sir. “Sustainability is important to many of today’s companies, and we’re happy to help them reach sustainability goals while delivering solutions that’ll save headaches and costs on the supply chain.”

Made of durable, precision-formed plastic dunnage, Paylode products are designed to replace corrugated cardboard and wooden dunnage that is traditionally used to protect loads and ensure compliance to bridge laws. Whereas corrugated and wood dunnage is typically used for just one or two shipments before it is thrown away, Paylode products can be reused for hundreds of trips.

In addition to securing new business, Sir will service existing accounts, assisting with test shipments, load and return loop logistics and strategies to maximize return on investment. He will also work closely with his colleagues nationally to develop additional solutions for Paylode customers across the U.S.

Sir brings 12 years of professional experience to Paylode, including a variety of business development roles in the food and beverage industry with such companies as PepsiCo, Clif Bar, a leading maker of organic energy and nutrition foods and drinks, and CHEP, a global leader in pallet and container pooling services.

Sir obtained his B.A. in Marketing from the University of Dayton, followed by an M.B.A. in Finance & International Business from St. Louis University.

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