Executive Search: Paul Fitzgerald Finds New Niche in the Reusables Sector



Let’s face it. Pallets and reusable packaging is a niche. But a niche within a niche?

Eighteen months ago Paul Fitzgerald retired and went to live in in beautiful New Smyrna Beach FL. However a year later he came across Jim Parker, Managing Partner of the retained executive search company Armstrong Franklin who persuaded him to put his long experience and talents to work again in an entirely new field.

Most of Paul’s career was spent in logistics and supply chain services with a particular focus on controlling pools of reusable equipment. Paul spent thirteen years with CHEP and ten years with the UK packaging group Linpac. Originally from Ireland, but a U.S. citizen since 2003, Paul’s work has taken him all over Europe and the U.S. as well as to the Middle East, Nigeria, China, Australia and New Zealand. He has held global responsibilities for change management, post-acquisition integration and customer service.

Interviewed recently Paul said “what attracted me to working with Jim and Armstrong Franklin is the opportunity to learn a new skill while at the same time utilizing much of the long experience I’ve built up. My senior colleagues have all themselves been successful senior managers in their various fields – not recruiters. Armstrong is a class act – only dealing with “A-Listers” and mostly filling transformational appointments, not routine ones. I love the challenge of defining the job specification, casting the net widely and then refining the shortlist down to a few final candidates and – at the end – the satisfaction of seeing the best person and the job finally come together”.

Paul can be contacted at 267-507-6054 and at pfitzgerald@armstrongfranklin.com