Paper Pallets a Highlight of IKEA Environmental Policy

Last year we broke the story about IKEA’s move to paper pallets, and followed with other analysis of the paper pallet decision. The paper pallet initiative continues to be front and center in IKEA’s drive to reduce its carbon footprint, as seen in the following press release from IKEA Canada prior to the March 31 Earth Hour:Ikea paper pallet

BURLINGTON, ON, March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – This time of year always brings the environment to the forefront, however at IKEA, the hunt for ways to reduce its carbon footprint is a year round endeavor. Globally, IKEA has made great strides by designing products that can be shipped more densely, by working with responsible transport companies and by investing heavily in renewable energy. In Canada, IKEA is now working with paper pallets in all its stores. Paper pallets are recyclable, designed to fit IKEA products and are optimized to fit trucks and containers so that the need to ship bulky wooden pallets back and forth is eliminated. So far, the global estimate is that more than 50,000 fewer trucks a year will be on the road, resulting in lower carbon emissions.

“I firmly believe that we must lead by example and at IKEA Canada we are taking effective measures to minimize the impact of our business on the environment,” says Kerri Molinaro, President of IKEA Canada. “The paper pallet initiative is one example of the continuous effort we make to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Currently the company is in a heavy period of expansion and will ensure that the five newest Canadian stores are 40 per cent more efficient than the last wave of stores built in the early 2000s. New stores will incorporate many sustainable and environmental features such as geothermal and other high efficiency systems for heating and cooling as well as monitoring systems that significantly reduce energy consumption. Additional features include water conservation systems, low-energy lighting throughout and skylights that reduce day-time energy use.

IKEA Canada is committed to contributing to the company’s Global direction to reduce the amount of emissions associated with its business operations. To symbolize their action against climate change, IKEA Canada is participating in the Earth Hour campaign for the fourth consecutive year. The annual campaign is a global call to action to turn out lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 31, 2012.

More information about IKEA and its commitment to climate change can be found in The Never Ending List by visiting

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