Palletsock Provides Convenient Reusable Load Cover


Reusable unit load cover is easy to apply and reduces plastic wrap usage.

After years of watching the waste and damage that resulted from the use of stretch wrap on pallets in transit through his warehouse Simon Garrett decided there must be a better way for pallet packaging. He thought about something that would be simple, protective, quick, sustainable and safe – so he invented and patented Palletsock.

Simple in design, Palletsock is made from woven polypropylene “big bag” material. The key to its simplicity is four panels of “powernet” elastication down each side which grips the pallet after pulling over it – like an elasticated sock.

Since the arrival of pallet hubs, of which Simon’s company is a member, he had noticed that damaged loads had risen in line with the increased handling. It is necessary for the pallet hub system to operate effectively for pallets to be handled up to 8 times on single journey. The “cuffing” of pallets during this multiple loading and unloading can tear open stretch wrap which is usually much less than 100 microns thick even after four wraps. By way of comparison, Palletsock is over 5 times thicker.

An additional benefit is the speed of application and sustainability. Applying Palletsock takes only 15 seconds, says Simon. And it provides a boost environmentally. Currently 15,0000 tonnes of stretch wrap goes to landfill every year in the UK alone and that is net after recycling initiatives. The Palletsock has a projected life of 5 years, dependent on load, before needing replacement.

Simon states that Palletsock obviously has a higher upfront cost than stretch wrap, and therefore needs to be tracked. Payback is estimated at between 6 and 15 journeys. For more information, visit

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