Pallets Unlimited Offers New WoodSave Heat Treatment System for International Shipping

New York based Pallets Unlimited, in response to growing customer need for environmentally safe wood pallets that eliminate insect infestation, now offers its customers the WoodSave Heat Treatment System. Housed in a fifty-three foot trailer, this complete system solution allows Pallets Unlimited to heat treat pallets, and meet ISPM 15 compliant-certified regulatory requirements.

Heat-treated pallets are already a necessity for overseas shippers, where all solid wood packaging must be heat treated before it can be imported, and as of mid 2011 will be a necessity for shipments between Canada and the United States, as their mutual ISPM 15 exemptions are about to be withdrawn. Domestically, the grocery, pharmaceutical and other industries may soon require ISPM 15 compliance as well.

The WoodSave Mobile Heat Treatment System ensures that all treated pallets are in full compliance, arrive with proper certification, and that a minimum amount of time and energy is used to achieve treatment. The 8″ x 8″ x 53″ treatment chamber accommodates up to 440, 48″ x 40″ pallets at a time, and Pallets Unlimited provides fast, same-day heat-treatment service throughout the Tri-State area.

For complete details, contact Dominick Davi at (516) 437-6300 or

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