Pallets: Polymer Logistics Offers Roll n’ Pall as One-Stop Retail-Ready Packaging Solution

Here’s a product launch that rolled right past us a few months back without our notice. Polymer Logistics, a leading provider of retail-ready packaging (RRP) solutions, introduced Roll n’ Pall, a smart pallet that serves as both a pallet and a heavy duty dolly to improve productivity throughout the supply chain and increase in-store product availability.roll n pall

Roll n’ Pall features an innovative four-wheeled base that can be easily manoeuvred on the retail floor and locked into the sales fixture thanks to its simple foot-activated mechanism. The lock can then be released in the same way. By replacing the use of materials handling equipment, this revolutionary all-in-one pallet and dolly solution not only facilitates safe and easy in-store handling, but significantly reduces the time and cost of replenishment as well, making it beneficial for suppliers and retailers alike.

“The main advantage of having two products in one is the ability to deliver from the production line, via DC, straight to the retail floor, which keeps handling and replenishment costs to a minimum. Empty pallets can subsequently be replaced with full ones, which maximises product availability and noticeably boosts sales,” saws Adrian Dale, Managing Director UK, Polymer Logistics.

“In trials so far, retailers have more than halved their replenishment times compared to traditional shelf merchandising, which not only reduces costs but also frees up staff to assist customers, thereby improving the overall shopping experience.”

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