Pallets Market Set to Hit US$ 95 Bn by 2029

 Smart pallet adoption is trending upward, says PMR report

Source: PMR. Market shares are for illustrative purposes only and not depicted to actual scale, the company states.

Significant demand generated from manufacturers and retailers in food & beverages, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries continues to drive sales of pallets in the global market. Poised for a  market value of US$ 95 Bn towards the end of 2029, the global pallets market is headed for a healthy CAGR during the following decade. Adoption of smart pallets, block pallets, and plastic pallets will progress at a notable rate owing to their several benefits over conventional pallets, as suggested by a new study report. The market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6% between 2019 and 2029.

A majority of demand for plastic and block pallets is accounted for by the food & beverage industry, which can be attributed to heightening sales of processed food products and increasing the need for sustainable cold storage and transportation solutions. The market will also be shaping up with a significant increase in the usage of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags in plastic pallets, robots in processing and handling of pallets, and the emergence of alternative pallets in the market.


Key Takeaways – Global Pallets Market Study

  • Pallet sales in the Asia Pacific region are identified to remain dominant throughout the forecast period, and exhibit a higher CAGR in comparison to fellow regions.
  • Growth of manufacturing, infrastructural, and transportation sectors would remain pivotal to the build-up of global pallets market.
  • Demand for pallets is concentrated predominantly in the food and beverages industry.
  • Wood-based pallets are identified to account for majority of the market share owing to factors such as ease of availability of wood and better price-efficiency than other materials.
  • Plastic pallets are gaining prominence in food & beverages, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries owing to their high strength, durability, lightweight, and long-term environmental sustainability.

“Smart pallets are gaining popularity among various manufacturers for asset tracking and inventory management. Market players must capitalize on the lucrative opportunities created by the segment to establish their presence in the market.”

Local Manufacturers Leading their Way in Pallets Market

The market for pallets is identified to be a fairly fragmented on a global level, with leading market players accounting for nearly 8-10% of overall market size as of 2018. However, significant fragmentation is witnessed in regions such as Asia Pacific, where local manufacturers hold prominent market positions. Some of the key market players in the market included in the report are Brambles, PalletOne Inc., and Craemer Holding. Furthermore, several market players are coming up with technological innovations in pallet production to gain a higher consumer base. Companies are focused on new launches and strategic long-term partnerships to sustain their revenue flow in the pallets market.

These insights are based on a report on Pallets Market by Persistence Market Research.