More Bad Smell from J&J – Is It the Pallets?

If it was only as simple as buying some deodorant. Johnson & Johnson is still struggling with its odor problem, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. WSJ reports that a Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) unit is recalling two lots of its Topamax anti-seizure drug following complaints about an unusual odor – one which the article suggests is potentially linked to chemically treated wooden pallets. Up to this point in time, Johnson & Johnson has failed to prove that the smell is indeed caused by wood pallets, according to previous commentary from NWPCA, which has suggested that wooden pallets provide an easy excuse rather than a definitive answer.

While other over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol have been involved in previous recalls, this is the first involving a prescription drug. “Though J&J has a policy to eliminate problem pallets used to ship and store products, some apparently slipped through the cracks, raising questions about a possible impact for other prescription drugs and products,” commented WSJ.

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