Pallet Stretch Wrap Recycling: Take Your Plastic Recycling Program to the Next Level

Here at Packaging Revolution we are of course huge fans of reusable, and we welcome you to read our story on reusable unit load wrap and strap systems.

Awhile back we also did a release on Pallet Wrapz.

But let’s face it, the lion’s share of unit load stabilization for fast moving consumer goods is done with plastic stretch wrap. And while increasingly, companies like to say they are recycling, how good really are their recovery efforts? There is no excuse for anything but excellent, according to Tami Lynn Haslam of Coast Paper. She offers some tips on how to get world class results for your warehouse or distribution center pallet wrap recovery program.

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  1. John Strong says:

    Who is selling waste stretch? We are especially good at recycling stretch with contamination, such as paper labels.

  2. Interesting collection of links. Given the technological advances of the last 2 decades nothing short of ‘excellent’ is indeed true. Material reductions with increasing strength and an effective recycling process are pretty much par for the course, at least here in Ireland.

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