PALLET SIGN Offers Point of Sale Appeal for Retail Pallet Use

With ever increasing pressure on manufacturers and retailers to improve stock turnover time, the role of a pallet has never been more important, says PALLET SIGN developer Fripp Design and Research.

In more recent times, retailers have recognized the time savings to be made by displaying manufacturer goods on shipping pallets; however there is an in built tension between those responsible for logistics and distribution and those responsible for the brand and image within the retail environment. Put simply, Fripp Design says, pallets can look unsightly when displaying manufacturers goods!

Fripp Design and Research’s team have years of experience in all areas of product design and industrial design and are able to apply their knowledge to any stage of a product development; from blue sky concept right down to the fine details of complex highly engineered products.

The idea for PALLET SIGN came while visiting home buiilding supply mass retailer B&Q researching a DIY product for another client. The designer recognized how PALLET SIGN would solve two problems for retailers and manufacturers alike:

– The opportunity to use Pallets to help sell products

– The opportunity to improve the in store experience for customers

The company is looking for U.S. distributors. To view images of the PALLET SIGN and find out more information, visit

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