Pallet Rental: LPR Reduces Inbound Freight CO2 and Receives PEFC Certification

La Palette Rouge (LPR) and dairy company Arla Foods Netherlands have extended their cooperation for sustainable development in the logistics chain. This customised approach has lead to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions during the last year. Arla Foods Netherlands is the first customer of LPR to receive 100% PEFC certified pallets from sustainably managed forests.

In line with this commitment, LPR reduced the number of trucks going into Arla Foods Netherlands by 40% last year. Working together, LPR and Arla Foods Netherlands have implemented an ingenious plan for pallet supply based on high volume trucks, by increasing loads and optimising loading and unloading procedures.

Early in 2010 LPR obtained PEFC certification for its entire supply chain. Accordingly, LPR is able to guarantee that its customers are being supplied with pallets that originate from sustainably managed forests. LPR is the first and only pallet pooling company in Europe to be certified and to provide such a service.

Marco ter Maat, Manager Purchase and Sustainability of Arla Foods Netherlands clarifies: “Our cooperation with LPR is logical, based on our recognition of LPR’s performance and fundamental commitment to achieving innovative and sustainable solutions for our supply chain”.

Frank Janssen, General Manager at LPR Benelux explains: “Using Full Service pallet pooling with wooden pallets has proven to be a more efficient system than exchange models or plastic pallets. However, at Arla Foods Netherlands we have demonstrated that there is room for even further improvement. Increased efficiency, CO2 reduction and sustainable operations go hand in hand”.

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