Pallet Rental – LPR Focuses on Meeting Needs of Fresh Produce Sector

European pallet pool operator, LPR Group is increasing its investment in the fresh food sector, after several major wins last year in France, Spain, Benelux, UK and Portugal. It anticipates additional new contracts in 2013.

Of particular note, the French operation of global supplier UNIVEG Katopé now ships between 1,200 and 2,000 LPR pallets weekly from its locations in Avignorn and Rungis.

Personalized service and flexibility are key to the offer. Familiar account representatives understand UNIVEG Katopé’s needs, which can vary substantially from day to day.

“The fresh produce sector is highly competitive and consumers increasingly demand that their fruit and vegetables reach them in pristine condition,” says Jane Gorick, LPR UK managing director. She stresses the importance of shippers working with supply chain professionals who understand product fragility time constraints. “Because LPR offers a special range of fresh food pallets, which are collected, sorted and repaired, (if necessary), after every trip, we are able to ensure high levels of quality and low levels of damage risk to our partners in the fresh produce sector,” she adds.

Gorick also emphasized the importance of pallet quality as supply chains become increasingly automated. “It is important to factor safety and productivity levels into the pallet choice,” she notes. “The major food distribution chains are looking for high quality pallets in a variety of formats to suit their automated systems; and we’re proud that LPR pallets are recognized and accepted by the leading producers, distributors and retailers across Europe.”

LPR Group’s network includes greater than 80 depots which manage pallets in a dozen European countries. Following its 2011 acquisition by Euro Pool System (EPS) Group in 2011, synergies are being realized as EPS boxes and LPR red pallets increasingly loaded and shipped together, thus reducing the individual use cost of each item.

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