Pallet News Briefs

Pallet News Briefs 2019

New Solid Deck Stackable Pallet Built With 9 Legs For Superior Stability

Chicago, IL – One Way Solutions announces the release of an economical, stackable pallet with 9 legs for excellent stability in many applications, including display. This 48 x 48 plastic pallet has a solid deck and 4-way entry that is compatible with nearly all fork trucks and hand trucks. As an extremely cost-effective shipping solution, the pallet also holds up to 572 units per truckload.

An important consideration has been taken to offer excellent safety handling and environmentally friendly components in this pallet:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi
  • No sirex treatment required
  • Maintenance free
  • Hygienic and clean

The product is now available on the One Way Solutions website and will ship out next business day to any location.

Moderation in retail sales growth in early 2019 predicted by the CHEP Retail Index

CHEP Retail Index: A lead indicator of Australian Bureau of Statistics retail trade data, based on transactional data from CHEP pallet movements.

1 February 2019 – Sydney Australia – Figures published in the latest edition of the quarterly CHEP Retail Index, which uses transactional data from CHEP pallet movements to provide a lead indicator of Australian Bureau of Statistics retail trade data, predicts moderated growth for retail turnover in the first quarter of 2019.

Index: Key figures

  • 3.4% year-on-year retail growth for March 2018
  • Turnover of $27.1billion in December 2018, with year-on-year growth for the month of December increasing to 3.4%
  • On a quarterly basis, 3.6% year-on-year growth for the December quarter and decreasing to 3.4% for the March quarter.

Retail turnover has moderated slightly in the first quarter of 2019 as Australia continues its long run of uninterrupted economic growth, which has flowed through to the labour market resulting in strong job growth.

Consumer confidence affecting the Australian market has drifted lower as falling house prices offset good news from the labour market, and households are reverting to wages to drive retail spending.

Pallet movement data indicates that retailers are expecting sales to increase only slightly year on year following a relatively subdued Christmas period, as population growth and the labour market tightens and an increase in the number of consumers opting for online purchases over visiting physical stores.

Providing commentary on the Index, David Rumbens, partner at Deloitte Access Economics, said that, “Bricks and mortar retailers were optimistic heading into the Christmas period, however data suggests that sales may not have met the expectations implied by pallet movements”.

President of CHEP Asia Pacific, Phillip Austin, said, “CHEP is well placed to meet changes in customer purchase behaviour as technology expands consumer choice, our scale and density means we can be faster and more responsive to customers’ changing needs in physical and online markets, enabling a smarter, more sustainable supply chain”.

The CHEP Retail Index analysis and commentary is provided by Deloitte. It is recognised as a reliable lead indicator of Australian Bureau of Statistics retail trade data. To access the January 2019 Index and previous editions of the Index, please click here.

Saudi Pallet Manufacturing Company Signs a $90 Million Memo of Understanding for Paxxal Plastic Pallet Production and Logistics Partnership with Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

Noblesville, IN January 29, 2019– Saudi Pallet Manufacturing Company (SPMC), a multi-use plastic pallet manufacturer utilizing Paxxal Inc.’s proprietary plastic pallet technology and design, has signed a $90 million memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SABIC (Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation). Under the MoU, SPMC will partner with SABIC to manufacture Paxxal pallets for export and develop supply chain initiatives for the local market.

The document was signed during the launch event of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) held January 28th, 2019 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Under the auspices of His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, NIDLP is the Kingdom’s largest and most impactful Saudi Vision 2030 Realization Program, which is aimed at transforming the Kingdom into a leading industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub. The cooperation agreement between SPMC and SABIC exemplifies the joint partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s public and private sectors to utilize locally sourced technology, increase local employment, utilize local resources (such as SABIC’s plastic), increase local GDP and much more.

Oar Shawaf, Chairman of SPMC, and Ben Stoller, CEO of Paxxal, were in attendance to sign the agreement. The MoU comes as a result of SABIC’s strategic initiatives to develop the localization of goods and services and enhance Saudi capabilities to meet the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

“We are proud to sign this MoU with SABIC and we highly appreciate SABIC’s efforts and vision to partner with a locally sourced technology company,” says Shawaf.

Stoller adds; “SPMC and Paxxal are honored to build on our partnership with SABIC which will enhance the local capabilities and develop the Saudi workforce, clearly reflecting the objectives of the country Vision 2030 initiative.”

Millwood Promotes Internally for Director of Human Resources

Business Growth Continues to Expand Departments

Vienna, Ohio, January 2019 – Tremendous growth at Millwood, Inc. in the last thirteen years has led to expansion within its Human Resources department. In 2006, Millwood employed 1,003 people. Today, that number is close to 1,700.

Courtney Russell, who was hired in August as a regional human resources manager, was promoted to director of human resources in December and will work closely with Executive Director of Human Resources/Chaplain Ministries Frank Hyatt to continue to cultivate the organizational culture and ensure Millwood’s four Pillars are expressed through the HR processes and functions.

Russell will also manage the human resources team members at other locations across the country. Under her leadership, the human resources team will continue to grow as needed to support all of Millwood’s 30 locations nationwide.

“I am excited for the opportunity to help Millwood, Inc. continue to grow and thrive as a business and employer,” Russell said. “I look forward to helping ensure our Pillars are woven into all we do as an employer and felt by our employees on all levels.”

Russell has more than 10 years of human resources experience and previously worked in the government sector. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in HR Management (MSHRM) and is certified as a SHRM Certified Professional and a PHR (Professional in Human Resources).

“Courtney is more than qualified and capable of leading the HR team at Millwood into the future as we continue to grow and evolve as one of the leading pallet suppliers in the United States,” Hyatt said.

Rehrig Pacific’s FM Approved Fire-Retardant Pallets Exceed Expectations in Rigorous Testing

Rehrig Pacific has announced the release of a new, highly durable, FM approved fire-retardant pallet, it reported in a press release. Virginia Tech University’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design put Rehrig Pacific’s new fire-retardant pallets through an exhaustive battery of tests designed to simulate real-world warehouse and supply chain conditions. Rehrig’s pallets survived as many as 200 cycles. The company stated that this durability accomplishment is a first for flame-retardant pallets on the market.

“This is just one more way we can serve Rehrig Pacific’s customers,” said Adam Gurga, National Manager of Rehrig’s Material Handling & Bulk Solutions group. “Distributors and manufacturers shouldn’t have to choose between durability and safety. From the beginning, we’ve designed our FM approved, fire retardant pallets to be strong, durable, and long-lasting so that Rehrig Pacific customers deliver the strongest long-term ROI possible for their supply chain operations.”

Rehrig Pacific’s pallets are non-halogenated fire retardant (NHFR), which sets them apart from much of their competition, it noted in the release. “It’s been a standard assumption in the industry that fire-retardant pallets are less durable than their counterparts without the FR designation, forcing suppliers and managers to choose between the short-term solution of wood and plastic’s sustainability, longevity, and safety. However, with Rehrig Pacific’s new NHFR technology, an FM approved fire-retardant option is now available that currently exceeds any other offerings for fire retardant pallets on the market.”

Virginia Tech University’s Center FasTrack testing program used ten of the new 48×40 NHFR GMA Series pallets and put them through a rigorous durability test, simulating handling in a warehouse environment. The results from these tests exceeded those of competitors and highlighted the superior engineering behind Rehrig products.