Pallet Mold Prevention: How X-Mold Got Started

by DeWayne Mayo
Vice President
X-M Industries

In 2005, X-Mold was formed as a part of X-M Industries, which has been in business since 1997. Originally, X-Mold was founded to serve the new home construction market, which had a need for mold prevention. The company initially used treatments & products already available in the marketplace, but soon discovered they had very little success in preventing mold. At that point, X-Mold’s principal scientist, Ron Jones, created a solution called Structure Guard that effectively prevented mold growth. It was well received in the market – especially because we provide a 25-year warranty on treated homes. However, as home construction began to diminish, the company looked for other industries to serve. After doing some research, we realized that the wooden pallet industry had a need for mold free pallets and a large market to serve. But we had more to learn…

Our first encounter with producers of pallets was approximately four years ago at a Virginia Tech meeting sponsored by Dr. Marshall White, of the university’s Wood Science & Forest Products department. We quickly learned that the pallet industry is very competitive. Adding significant costs to a pallet order would make sales difficult, if not impossible. So, we returned to Atlanta to develop a cost effective coating that worked.

Once we knew we had the correct solution, we needed to establish credibility within the pallet industry because we were unknown at that time. Dr. White opened up this opportunity by conducting a blind study which compared the effectiveness of several companies’ products. X-Mold, of course, joined in the group. We were so confident in our product that we requested it be tested for 12 weeks instead of the standard 4 weeks. The tests showed our product would have lasted even longer! But you need to stop somewhere .

With credibility established, it was time to market and sell our concept. X-Mold began a nationwide campaign to establish regionally based Certified Partners, where our partners are licensed to sell our E-Fusion(R) product.

Of course, the word is spreading and our business is growing because E-Fusion has developed a reputation for being effective. As the old adage goes, ‘the results speak for themselves.’ Since E-Fusion is the best solution on the market today; it appears that some threatened competitors have begun to spread false rumors about our product.

We don’t mind healthy business competition, and we do not make disparaging remarks about any of our competitors or their products. You can count on us to always be truthful and to never mislead our market or the general public about what E-Fusion is or what it will do. We don’t think ethical business practices are old-fashioned.

It’s important that you know the facts about E-Fusion. So, here are the facts:

  • E-Fusion is registered with NSF (National Science Foundation) to be used as a coating on wood pallets transporting packaged goods (P1) in and around food processing areas.
  • The E-Fusion coating is environmentally safe and does not cause any HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) or TAPs (Toxic Air Pollutants).
  • When applied using the recommended electrostatic spray equipment, E-Fusion bonds with the wood and will not wash off with water. It can resist mold and mildew growth for much longer than any other products available on the market today.

Of course, we think our history is interesting and anticipate a remarkable future. If you ever have a question about E-Fusion or its past, present or future, I welcome your call. We are proud of our products and the results they deliver for our customers.

Thank you for your interest in X-Mold.



  1. Francisco Rodriguez says

    Want more information on E fusion for wooden pallets.

  2. Rick LeBlanc says

    Hi Francisco, have you contacted X-Mold?

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