Pallet Evolution Campaign Promotes Benefits of Plastic Pallets

A new education campaign has been launched in the UK by the country’s leading independent plastic pallet and box suppler. That campaign, entitled Pallet Evolution, is aimed at providing the UK plastic pallet industry a public voice for the very first time, according to a release.

An initiative created by, the company states that Pallet Evolution will educate pallet users about the many advantages of using plastic pallets and dispel some of the myths that threaten to give plastic pallets a bad name.

“The UK pallet industry is rapidly evolving,” explains Jim Hardisy, Managing Director for “Where plastic pallets accounted for a mere few per cent of the market 10 years ago, developments in design and manufacturing means that they are increasingly gaining ground on wooden pallets.”

“Today, the plastics industry as a whole is achieving record-breaking environmental targets and is one of the biggest contributors to the UK’s industrial growth. Yet the public’s perception and appreciation of plastics remains extremely low.

“I’m passionate about plastic pallets, as every day I see the positive impact they are making by offering our logistics sector a cleaner, safer and tougher alternative to other pallet types.”

Plastic pallets aside, Pallet Evolution aims to reach out to the wider plastics community in the UK and provide a resource where they can share their experiences and celebrate the successes of the plastics industry.

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