Scenes from the Truckstop: Dumping Pallets in Polk City FL

Ultimately, the success of a reusable pallet or container program is determined by front line execution. Follow the link to an interesting video from YouTube, capturing the frustration of a truck driver ordered by his dispatcher to dump limited use but likely reusable wood pallets.

The driver indicated he would have dropped off the pallets at a pallet recycler if one had been close at hand, but there wasn’t. It leaves one with questions as to why no thought was given to the pallets – the receiver apparently didn’t want them, the shipper seemingly didn’t have a plan, and the trucking company didn’t seem to be communicating the issue back to the client. Perhaps the accumulation and return of empty pallets might have been an business opportunity for the carrier.

Interesting comment by one viewer at YouTube about the magnitude of fines in Europe for such dumping.

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